JM Cartwright
JM Cartwright

A Change of Tune/Scenery/Pace

The Men of Change Are Back! 


Ever wanted to change your life but just didn't know how? Have you wanted something different but didn't know what that was?


Three different men - Conway Danvers, Drew Cunningham and Johnny Rayne - find themselves at a crossroads in life, and lucky for us, their stories make great, sexy reading. 


Newly-edited and refined, the Change books are now available at Loose Id. Discover the sexy fun with: 


  • Johnny and Grissom in A Change of Tune
  • Ridge and Drew in A Change of Pace
  • Stephen and Con in a A Change of Scenery


Brainy and the Beast

Robotics researcher Henry Travis uses his brain for just about everything, but once he meets Nick Shelton over the hood of his 1960 Mercedes 300, he's at a loss.  


How does he control his attraction to this brash, sexy mechanic? 



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