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If You Want to Make an Omelette, You've Got to Break Some Eggs

It's Easter weekend, and Tristan is surprised by his intimidating, exciting new client

Tristan has been working on Harrington's desk for months, and he's finally finished. He wants to get it delivered before the holiday weekend gets going.


But when Harrington shows up unexpectedly, the temperature in the chairman's office gets turned up very fast, and suddenly the sexy executive is in hot pursuit. 


Tristan is shocked to find that Harrington is a dynamic, exciting, attractive guy. He's never even considered other men in this light. 


What in the world does he do now? 


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How Did I Lose My Passport - and Find My Love?

Van is a cardiac researcher who doesn't know everything about the human heart

Dr. Howard Vandenberg is in a rush to get through Heathrow and onto the cruise ship headed to Scandinavia. The medical conference has already started, and he's late. The only problem is, he's managed to lose his passport. 

To make matters worse, he spots his hunky boss, Michael Sullivan headed his way.

The hospital's chief executive is intimidating, intelligent, and annoying. But still, Van's heart beats just a little bit faster when Sullivan is nearby. 



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A Gentleman and His Jockey

A Regency short story

Lord Templeton, the Earl of Vickers, knows exactly what he wants to have happen at the racecourse. He demands Gem's obedience.  


When an unruly horse intervenes, the Earl insists on a meeting of the minds. Gem is shocked to learn just what that entails. 


This book was inspired by a prompt call on Cryselle's Bookshelf. My thanks to Crys for the inspiration and for encouraging me to submit an entire story on this painting.


The artist is Harry Hall (19th century British painter).



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