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JM Cartwright

Ever wanted to change your life, but just didn't know how to begin?

The Book of Wisdom

Written to support the It Gets Better Project

Stephen's protegé, Jesse James Callender, is coming home from college. Con is just a little bit tired of Jesse always needing Stephen, and he's had enough. 


Stephen wants to be a supportive friend; Con wants his lover to himself. 


Revisit Warm Springs, West Virginia and the folks from A Change of Scenery and spend time with these two strong-willed men as they learn what's truly important in life. 



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A Change of Tune

Johnny's a fish out of water

Rocker Johnny Rayne stops at the top, leaving his career for a new life in West Virginia. On the first day of his new life, he meets macho sheriff Virgil Grissom and the sparks begin to fly.


The dominant, confident Grissom and the bossy, dictatorial Johnny clash from the moment they meet - and the results are hot, hot, hot!  Johnny doesn't want anything to upset his plans for his new life - and Grissom is definitely not going to be ignored.  



Winning in a Landslide

Grissom may have won re-election, but the vote is far from over at home

Sheriff Grissom has just won re-election, but the campaign got nasty. Johnny and Grissom are at odds with each other, the reality of their world sinking in for both men. Johnny's frustrated and Grissom's patience is stretched to the limit. 

Johnny's come to understand exactly what their relationship could cost Grissom, and he's having second thoughts. But the two men have established a family, and a life together -- a good life, despite their differences. Plus, it's almost Christmas, and they're breaking in a new housekeeper. How will she like working for two daddies? 

Can they really make it work in small-town West Virginia? Join the boys from A Change of Tune and find out.


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A Change of Scenery/Pace Omnibus

Con's a yankee in trouble

Drew's in need of an attitude adjustment

A Change of...  (This omnibus contains the 2nd and 3rd Change books) 


A Change of Scenery Conway Danvers is tired of a life twisted and constrained by the politics of working in Chicago. He chucks it all and heads to a small city in West Virginia, where this Yankee is in for a rude awakening - professionally and personally.


A Change of Pace Andrew Cunningham is ticked off. He's taken the fall for his old boss, the mayor of Chicago, and is forced to head to Asheville, North Carolina to avoid the press. He's not in the mood to be nice. Once he meets sexy cabinet-maker Ridge Huntington, though, he unbends enough to get up close and personal. 

The Book Of Wisdom Con and Stephen, from A Change of Scenery, return in this short story about following one's dreams and being true to one's heart. 

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